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Baoli - KBS12M - Stapelaars (2000mm)

eenvoudig tussendoor opladen met een ingebouwde oplader

door Baoli
Oorspronkelijke prijs €4.125,00 - Oorspronkelijke prijs €4.125,00
Oorspronkelijke prijs
€4.125,00 - €4.125,00
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€4.991,25 incl. BTW
  • Toegang met pincode

  • Onderhoudsvrije lithium-ion accu

  • Veilig, ergonomische besturing

  • Optimaal zicht, veilig laden

  • Flexibel: stapelen, transport, orderverzamelen

Op voorraad


Draagvermogen 1200 kg @ 600 mm
Hefhoogte 2000 mm
Batterij 24 V / 60 Ah lithium-ion
Lastzwaarpuntafstand C (mm) 600,Lastafstand midden van vorkwiel tot voorkant van vorken x (mm)


The Baoli KBS12M Stacker is the perfect entry-level model for your electric pallet stacker needs.

With an impressive 1.2 ton capacity, this stacker offers flexibility with one or two piece telescopic masts, offering a lift height of up to 2000mm. You can choose between forks with an overall width of 570 or 685 mm, depending on your load unit standards. Thanks to the four-wheel chassis, stability is always guaranteed.

The KBS12M is ideal for light duty applications in small to medium sized warehouses. Whether you want to stack pallets, transport goods or do low-level order picking, this stacker is perfect for any task. Its compact dimensions and the ability to maneuver the tiller into a vertical position make the KBS12M incredibly useful for work in tight spaces and narrow aisles.

This stacker is the first Baoli model to be equipped with a maintenance-free lithium-ion battery. Combined with a built-in charger, you can easily charge in between, so the KBS12M is always ready for action. You can charge the battery at any standard 230 Volt socket.

Operation is simple thanks to the ergonomic tiller handle, which controls both drive and lift functions. The multifunction display shows the hour meter, battery charge status and service information. In addition, PIN code access prevents unauthorized use and eliminates the need for keys.

Safety comes first with the KBS12M. The long tiller arm ensures ergonomic steering and keeps the driver at a safe distance from the machine. A mid-mounted drawbar and mast profile provide excellent visibility to the forks and load, while a mast panel prevents possible operator injuries.

The KBS12M Stacker is also available with initial lift (KBSI 12) for increased ground clearance and improved performance on slopes and uneven surfaces, or with a single stage monomast (KBSM 12) for a wide range of applications.


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